These Days Series by Renee Ericson

After Tuesday - Renee Ericson Forgotten Yesterday - Renee Ericson Deciding Tomorrow - Renee Ericson

I wanted to write something of a review for this series, but it's a little fresh for me right now, especially since some things hit a little too close to home. And it is welcomed—don't get me wrong—I love when I can relate through personal experience. It's just… it would take me a while to jot down my thoughts and opinions for a review and I want to get my ratings out now so I can share the news of the upcoming 3 book compilation that is releasing in 4 days. 

One girl. One boy. 
A chance meeting, a tragedy, and a second chance. 
Two people trying to figure themselves out, only to find each other. 
Follow one couple's trials of love and life in this unique Contemporary Romance journey that begins in high school and progresses to adulthood. 
Their story is nothing like those in fairy tales, but their love is. 
These Days is the compilation of After Tuesday, Forgotten Yesterday, and Deciding Tomorrow. 
*Series contains explicit language, sex, and mature themes. Recommended for readers 18+. 

After Tuesday 3✰s
Forgotten Yesterday 4✰s
Deciding Tomorrow 5✰s

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