Innocents (Dusty #1) by The Elizabeths

Innocents (Dusty) (Volume 1) - Mary Elizabeth, Sarah Elizabeth

I'm struggling to put a thousand feelings to paper because of one boy and his ruca, so bare with me.
There are a lot of coming-of-age stories like Dusty, about teenagers, homesick for a place that doesn't exist, getting high off love and drugs and sex, looking to fill their God-shaped hole. But this one. The writing, in this book. Yeah. I have a bad desire for it. The Elizabeths are dynamical together.
I'm sickly satisfied by the beauty in Dusty because it hits you with dark truths and dark reality.
It's about love, shared between an innocent and a delinquent.
It's moments of hell and bliss, good-spirits and laughter, swelling rage and heartache.
I gave Innocents 5 stars because it made my black heart warm to a faint purple, so it deserves no less from me. I love it a million ways.