Breaking Shaun (Breaking Free#2) by EM Abel

Breaking Shaun - E.M. Abel

In Breaking Shaun, we get a closer look at Shaun Fuller's bachelor lifestyle. He does what he wants, who he wants, when he wants, and answers to no one. But things get clouded when he finally meets the killer beauty, Natalie. She is the girl version of Shaun, his equal & his match, and neither one is looking for a relationship. 

I was so happy to learn more about the incredibly dreamy Shaun—to watch him break free. What I learned really surprised me and made me love him more with every page. But oh, the angst, the tears, the up-n-downs, the heat! When it burns, it burns so HOT!


The Fuller family & friends are genuinely great characters, written so well. They're definitely one of my favorite groups of people. I love their personalities, sense of humor, and especially their ideas of fun. ;)

After reading Freeing Asia (Breaking Free #1), I realized two things: I've hit the jackpot with three book boyfriends in one and that I'm an idiot for waiting so long to read it. And it doesn't end here. I am eagerly anticipating the release of Saving Jay (Breaking Free #3). So, to say I'm addicted to this delicious series is an understatement.


***ARC Courtesy of Author***