Love, in English by Karina Halle

Love, in English - Karina Halle

Love, in English is pure, unparalleled penmanship. Karina Halle was able to evoke feelings with extreme passion. I was the villain, the reject, the hater, the innocent, and the star. This is forbidden love done so right. When I think of epic love, I will think of Vera & Mateo.


I just want to quickly say that I felt every single emotion known to man reading this and I will be adding this to my favorites. Karina Halle is a goddess. I will update this review after a bit of therapy consisting of binge drinking, chocolates, and comfort food because I can't remember the last time I ate. This was so good it shot my appetite, which sounds bad, but when you're engrossed you're engrossed. *shrugs*