Block 24 by Evan Tyler

Block 24 - Evan Tyler

Written in 3rd person and having multiple POVs, this story follows Adina and her granddaughter Natalie: Adina, as she film documents her survival in Auschwitz's Block 24, and Natalie as she struggles with her personal life choices. 

While reading this, I just didn't understand why this book wasn't only about Adina's survival in Auschwitz. I could have read forever about her past. I was floored with the writing. Adina's account of her life in the brothel brought tears to my eyes. That part, I loved. 

I wish I could have enjoyed the current generation as much. Honestly, the present didn't hold a candle to the past. Alternating between the two only made some characters seem more superficial, having less than mediocre problems. It wasn't until the end that I respected, accepted, and understood the author's intent with the complex layout. Very beautiful story about hardships then and now.

"love may make good from evil"