Tantalized by Nenia Campbell

Tantalized - Nenia Campbell

I can't gather the right words. I think part of me is missing. I feel used. I don't know. I'm stunned. I'm creeped out. I'm disappointed in myself for expecting what I knew would never happen—the hearts and flowers. I fell for it. I feel used. I may need to gather my thoughts and come back to review this properly. Everything I want to say about this book, about how talented the author is, and about the characters, is taking a back seat to my current mind fuck. No! There's not just one fuck. There is an orgy going on in my brain! I need… time… ✰✰✰✰
I need hearts and flowers! I need hearts and flowers! 

"Bite me. Scratch me. Cut me. Break me open, until I crack and all the ugly things fly out of my body to drench us both in sated lust. Yes."