Breach series by K.I. Lynn

Breach - K.I. Lynn Dissolution (Breach, #1.5) - K.I. Lynn Infraction (Breach #2) - K.I. Lynn,  D. Beck (Editor),  Chanse Lowell (Editor),  Marti Lynch (Editor)

Book 1 was hot!! Best dirty talk EVER, but everything else was just OKAY. I never questioned the characters; just the pace, events, and simplicity. ✰✰

Loved Nathan's POV. Much better writing in Dissolution. 200 more pages of this pace, detail, and happenings would've been welcomed. ✰✰✰

I waited, stuck with it, hoping something would happen. And just like a Twilight movie, NOTHING HAPPENED!!! Because I love to read and I'm very committed to completing books once I've started them, there are very few series that I refuse to finish. I think I'll pass on the 3rd. Again, it was just okay, not bad. ✰✰