Can't Have You by CozItRunsInMyBlood

Can't Have You - CozItRunsInMyBlood

So I finally have the mindset to review this. It's a tough one move on from. I needed time to get my head straight, de-clog my brain, un-fuck my mind, swap my poor heart, whatever.

This is a torrid tale of forbidden love. It's taboo, dark & disturbing. About an all-consuming love shared; two bodies, one soul.
I was unprepared for the depth in which the author took things, but I held onto every word, nonetheless, fully absorbed. Somewhere along the lines, the writing desensitized my morals, removed all labels and titles, made me want things for E&B. I wanted them happy. I wanted them to get help. I wanted them to wake up. My mind was everywhere. I lost it.
This story isn't the kind you read easily. It's very emotional and there's really no way to prepare you for it. The perfect mindfuck.
There's no question about following the next part. It's a NEED. I have to be there for the ending. It's addicting. I only wish I could've highlighted all the beautiful quotes, list them as favorites, and come back to them from time to time.

"Baby sis...Those two words reminded me of that pure love he'd held for me before, the love he'd felt for me since the time when we didn't know anything yet - not about love, not about life, when we didn't even know what our names were."