Book 3 Breathing Series

Out of Breath (Breathing, #3) - Rebecca Donovan

I love this series, but I didn't love this book.
I met a new character that I liked so much and others I could care less about.

I read this because I needed closure for Emma & Evan, but in turn, it opened another book or two. After reading 30 plus chapters of IDK WHAT, I finally reached the real story and I am now slamming the book shut on Ken & Barbie.

It devastated me when Cole was ripped out of the story; I hated it. I read about him and Emma for 65% of the book, so why was his ending half a page? He deserved more than that. Jonathan was another character I felt was cheated. He needed a proper goodbye that wasn't rushed. It all felt unfinished.

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View my reading progress here if you want to know how I REALLY feel because I'm so exhausted and so done.