In the Stillness

In the Stillness - Andrea Randall

Natalie is a bitch.
Natalie is selfish.
Natalie is weak.
Natalie needs therapy.
Thank God, Natalie finally got therapy.

It's hard for me to relate to characters that cut. I just don't understand it, but I do try. I love an emotional read and I'm a sucker for broken, cynical characters. I've never read a story about a mom that cuts so it drew my attention and I liked it, but I never rate 4 stars unless I'm drawn towards reading it again. And...was I supposed to fall head over heels for Eric? Because I did and I don't think that was the authors intent. Ryker was great, but stubborn and selfish. It was a heartbreaking story and a frustrating read, which is a good thing because I love being slapped by a book. I just wish I didn't want to slap the main character.