Freefall - Tess Oliver I enjoyed this, but it left me wanting to know more than the basics. It pulled me in and kept my attention. Every character was interesting and easily likable, bad guys included (can't help but want a hea for the villain in this one, that jerk). The heroine, Scotlyn, was my favorite character and might actually be my favorite heroine. She's different and never once frustrated me, but I'm sure if this book were longer and covered more of her past, I'd probably want to ring her neck and paint her nails afterward (that love/hate thing). I'll definitely be thinking about this book again. I'm torn between 3 or 4 stars. If I have the urge to read it again, I'll know I rated too low. I will jump on the next book (if there is one) because this could've easily been a 3 book series of companion novels. Can't stress how much I liked the characters.