Forever Light (Book 2) by Megan Smith

Forever Light - Megan   Smith

This review will be the same for Forever Love #1 seeing as they complement eachother.

I knew from the authors message that I'd have to read both books if I wanted to get the full story, so I did. What I wasn't expecting was to be left hanging with both books. The stories of Landon & Macy and Cash & Madison are incomplete and had I realized this I would not have read them. I am told in both conclusions that there will be another set of books coming to continue their story, but I can't seem to find any information on the plans for those books. Normally, if I REALLY enjoy a series I'd be okay with the wait and the cliffhangers but I can't say I really enjoyed these. I love that these books were raw, the relationships calamitous, but I only liked them at best and I will definitely look into other books by both authors as long as they don't take on this side-by-side style. Endings were given but not supported and I really feel with just those few pieces..

the madman drug dealer's arrest, maybe, or Macy's pregnancy test results

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..the stories could have been completed and my rating would not have to suffer.

Initially, I was going for 3 stars, but I'm not so sure now because I feel sort of tricked.
Macy was really great. Landon- not so much. I did enjoy the games. I even put the book down at some point and watched recaps of the Ducks vs Longhorns game on YouTube. I mean, I was into it before the letdown.