The Bronze Horseman Narrated by John Lee

The Bronze Horseman - Paullina Simons, John Lee

This is a review for the unabridged audio version of The Bronze Horseman narrated by John Lee.

I have read this trilogy years ago, loved it, favored it, and was really looking forward to changing roles from reader to listener. I could probably listen to an average Joe read this story and I'd at least enjoy it a little. I mean, the material is all there. I really don't think anyone can ruin the author's style. My hopes were for a great performance from someone who would prove to have a good understanding of the story and I wasn't disappointed.

John Lee served the book well with his interpretation. He was engaging, animated, and great with accents as he gave each character their proper accent and their own voice as well. He has a very strong voice which made it easy to get into listening mode and for the story to come alive for me. Though I will always prefer reading over listening, John Lee made this fan of the series very happy with his storytelling and effort. I hope he can continue narrating the rest of the series.