Bad Romeo by Leisa Rayven

Bad Romeo - Leisa Rayven

Cassie is my favorite! She makes me LAUGH and I love that she's not the stereotypical virgin. Ethan is a jerk that I really like. I don't want to, but he's just so brooding HOT. 
The tension—omg—there's so much that it nearly gave me a headache. These two have outstanding chemistry. I really enjoyed everything about this book, except one thing. One character trait, really. Ethan Holt's reluctance to allow himself to love…was the most frustrating thing ever! Boo! I didn't find that fun to read at all. Why the long face, dude? Really. Why? I need to know. And for those answers, I must read book 2.
And for the record, I was really happy with this ending. It was a good note, at least I saw it that way. I sort of wished it was a standalone.
I don't fluffing know how to rate this. 3 or 4 stars?