Black Keys by Rose Mashal

Black Keys (The Colorblind Trilogy Book 1) - Rose B. Mashal

"Knowledge is all around us, keys waiting to be found."

I truly fell in love with this book. It is a really compelling piece about two people from different religious backgrounds thrust together by betrayal. It is a powerful book with rich morals, beautiful culture, and a slow-simmering romance. It's kind of surreal and magical but an altogether passionate journey.

"Royalty is a dirty game."

I marvel at the author's wonderful storytelling
. I immediately fell in line with it and nothing could have torn me away from reading. Her ability to keep me at the edge of my seat and my interest peaked throughout the entire book is fascinating to me. It was easy to continue reading into the night.

"It's not lands and buildings that make a home; it's people who do."

I really admire the honesty of the MC, a devout Christian having to cope with merging into a royal family of Islamic faith, of which she is not fond of. She holds Muslims responsible for her dark past. You might disagree, but you have to understand she shares the mindset of too many Americans and it's important to watch her growth.

"When it comes to love, rules blur and traditions fade."

This book is truly a gem
, but every gem still needs a little polishing. This needs it in the form of professional editing. I'm not the grammar police, so the errors and typos do not bother me because in the grand scheme of things, the reading experience meant more to me than a few mistakes, but nonetheless needs to be mentioned.

"May you find the keys, Troubled Princess."


***ARC provided for an honest review***