Don't Let Me Go by Sarah Elizabeth

Don't Let Me Go: a story about falling - Sarah Morgan

This is gonna be a gush review. I can't even help it. I'm not capable of eloquent critiquing right now. I'm such a mess and my heart is spent —this is the truest romance!
I don't need to say I loved this because that much is obvious, but I will cause it feels so good to say. I fell in love with this story! I fell in love with CL and Lamb, and I can't wait for the day they come alive for me again.
This really is a story about fallingin all the truest ways that a person can fall. I felt like I was falling too. And I had to tear myself away in the end because I was so lost in it.
always lose myself in Sarah's writing. It leaves a mark and gives you a certain aura that is such a high to experience. Made me feel everything deeply, so aware of every sensation.
I feel so lucky to feel what I feel right now. This isn't temporary.
"I commit this moment to permanent memory." 
Thank you, Sarah, for another favorite.

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