Wild Reckless by Ginger Scott

Wild Reckless - Ginger Scott

A new favorite!

For the record, I almost didn't read this because on first impression, I thought it was cliché. Quite honestly the cover is cheesy, the title didn't draw me in, and I lazily skimmed the blurb having felt I've read one and read them all.

It didn't take long to win me over though, I was hooked from the prologue. Jealous I don't get to experience this often enough, I was careful to appreciate it while it lasts. And as I kept reading, it kept lasting—the feels and my expanding interest. There is a darkness to this story that is so alluring to me and unlike anything I've ever read. It's paved by beautiful writing that I was not expecting to admire so much nor for it to guide my emotions so easily. I just feel too much right now, for this story and these characters.

Time to reflect…so soon! <3 This is the beginning of a Ginger Scott book marathon!