Shackled by Debra Anastasia

Shackled - Debra Anastasia

Wow! What a story! I want to buy this in print and keep in on my nightstand. Only good dreams would come from reading this before bed. And I have a new book boyfriend too.

I wouldn't expect any less from this author. Her books leave me satisfied, but selfishly wanting more, this book included. I mean, seriously, 35 pages? Gimme more, like 800!

Though it's a very quick read, has a fast pace, and takes a complete 180, I loved it and I fell for it all. I'm impressed to find there's no cheese involved as there usually is in these too-shorts. And if there were cheese I totally bought it without knowing.

Don't let the cover fool you. This is a historical romance and a too-short story. I recommend reading the blurb so you're not left in the dark when you begin, but I skipped the excerpt because I wanted to experience that in the read.

Aeliea is the future queen of Indovia, an evil bitch, and she hates competition; all the beautiful women in her country are imprisoned, sent straight to the dungeons. Page 3: In steps Markus and this is where things get interesting. I'd love to add on, but I don't like to spoil.

Did I mention this was a free read?
Download it here.