Revelry - TeamBella23

I shouldn't rate this yet. I should let it sink in. I'm so emotionally exhausted and I can't think about anything else. It wasn't until halfway that I was 5 star-crazy-hooked. Maybe the angst was too much in the beginning? Maybe I shielded myself from it and wouldn't allow it to grab me? Maybe I need to read it again? I'd love to. I have no problem with dark & disturbing reads.

The writing...oh man, it was beautiful and cryptic. I was laughing when I should've been crying, crying when I should've been smiling, smiling when I should've been worried sick, and at times I actually felt sick. The worst parts were the best parts and the best were the worst. The darkness was so seductive and scary.

I have my fingers crossed that I'll see familiar lyrics in the published version. It's okay if I don't because I'm happy to have read this pre-published and happy to have met some of the characters that I'll never read about again. It's very sad. I feel like this is the saddest happiest story, if that even makes sense.