The Paper Swan by Leylah Attar

The Paper Swan - Leylah Attar

Oh, God. How does Leylah Attar do this? She has created this amazing piece and I am at a loss for words over it. She knows just how to play the reader, give them a rush of excitement, surprise them with humor, and make them feel passionate yearning. Her words are heated and powerful.


"Vengeance only begets vengeance, more chaos, more darkness. Vengeance abducts us and imprisons us and mutilates us, and we suffer and suffer until we unravel its probing parasitic suckers from around us."


The Paper Swan is one of the best revenge stories I have ever read. It's about revenge over loss and rounds of disasters tied between two families. It is also a lesson in forgiveness and redemption, how to let go of hatred and in turn encompass love and the love for one's self. It's such a unique story and it will sit on my favorites shelf along with Attar's masterpiece 53 Letters for My Lover


"You can either choose love or you can choose hate, because where one lives, the other will die."


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