Fire Down Below by Debra Anastasia

Fire Down Below - Debra Anastasia

 I haven't been this embarrassed for a book character since my Amelia Bedelia days. Oh, how I miss the innocence!


Dove always finds her way into bad situations and she has no filter —like, anywhere on her body, apparently. And so, reading through her was like watching a train wreck. Some of the other characters were a million degrees more grotesque, like her neighbor Duke and Steve the Cat, to name a few.


There were times I felt uncomfortable with the crassness. ((This is really shocking to me since I love the slapstick stuff.)) I thought  Myyy God, I can't unread that scene, what the f—..., LOL, so gross!


So why do I want to read the next book? For laughs! And because fake French accents seriously crack me UP. And Duke needs love too! But mostly for laughs, of which I had many. If you have a sick sense of humor as I do or you enjoy the Screwball, you'll enjoy this comedy. Maybe. Idk. But you will laugh. Probably. Unless flatulence is too taboo for you, then stay far away.